Now that you have known the answer to the question “How much deep sleep can you ask for?” It is equally important to learn how deep sleep can be achieved regularly. Resurge Supplement Review

  • Follow a transition routine: Make a habit of doing something before going to bed that tells the body that it’s time to rest and sleep. It could be just washing your face, taking a shower, or even brushing your teeth.
  • Select the Right Pillow: Some studies show that using a neck pillow that comes in a rectangle shape with a depression in the middle can improve your quality of sleep. A pillow with two supported cores will also help you fall asleep.
  • Eating a banana: To end the day by eating a banana. It contains tryptophan, a sleep hormone that can improve your sleep quality when taken before going to bed.
  • Taking a hot bath: Your body will quickly relax if you take a hot bath, but you must take it at least 90-120 minutes before going to sleep. Also, make sure that the water temperature is around 40 degrees centigrade.
  • Wear your pajamas: Instead of sleeping naked, you should wear your pajamas to keep your skin warm, which plays a role in reducing blood circulation and sending signals to the brain that it’s time to sleep. Mind you, don’t carry too much because your body undergoes a few hot cooling cycles throughout the night.
  • Don’t Sleep With Your Pet In Bed: Pets have a different sleep-wake cycle than humans, so sleeping with your pets will keep you from getting enough deep sleep.
  • Give yourself a massage: Use your fingers to massage your eyes in a slow, circular motion. Then take it to the mouth and neck. Continue lowering your body until you feel relaxed and ready to sleep.
  • Spray lavender water on your sheets and pillowcases: The scent of lavender makes you feel relaxed and helps you go to sleep and stay asleep all night.
  • Enjoy an audiobook: Instead of reading, consider listening to an audiobook on tape or on your phone. This will calm your brain and relax your nerves.

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